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Do You Have ADHD/ADD? Are You Sure?
You Can Not Best Help Your Child, Until You First Help Yourself

Be Proactive!

Choose to be the best parent you can possibly be to your child by modeling self-respect through self-care.




Do you feel inadequate as a parent?

Do you frequently second guess your parenting choices?

Do you struggle with the best way to discipline your child? 

Is consistent follow-through with disciplining your child a challenge?

Are you overwhelmed by your children more often than you would like?


You may be here because your child has an ADD diagnosis but did you know ADD can be genetic?  Your child's issues may only be part of the problem interfering with your parenting. Too many parents unknowingly struggle with ADD themselves, making parenting particularly challenging. If you answered yes to some of the questions above it might be wise to consider the possibility that you too may have an attention deficit. If you do, and you choose to address it, your life will only get better for having done so.


There is a genetic component to ADD and so, where there is a child with ADD, there is often a parent with ADD. Additionally, other mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and Sleep Disorders are far more prevalent in families with an ADD child, than in the general population.  


If you have never considered the possibility of your having any of the above mentioned conditions, please, consider it now. Take the screening questionnaires below to prescreen for Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder and more. If Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, or any other mental health condition, is a possibility for you, and/or your spouse, and you do not address it, you may find parenting your child, and following through with the necessary interventions and healthy parenting techniques far more difficult  and stressful than it need be. 

If you often feel stressed, overwhelmed, worn out by your children...

If things are out of control in your home and you feel you can never catch up...

If you have trouble keeping up with all you have to do...

the difficulty may not be with your parenting skills,


that your child has ADHD and is a challenge to raise.

You may be one of society's many undiagnosed ADHD adults.

If you recognize some of your child's ADHD traits in yourself,

please take the ADHD prescreening questionnaire before you go any further!

Research repeatedly demonstrates that Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder runs in families. Approximately 4% to 5% of the adult population is diagnosed with ADHD. It is suspected that this is an underestimate of the actual number of ADHD adults because many never receive a diagnosis. If you and your partner have not considered whether or not you have ADHD, or any of the related conditions, now is the time to do so. You cannot effectively take care of your child, if you do not first take care of yourself.




Help yourself, to help your child, by taking self administrated online screening surveys here!