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Is ADHD Real?

Are You Unsure as to Whether ADHD is Real?

Make Your Decision for Yourself!

Listening to your family, friends and acquaintances is an important part of the decision process but, if it is the only information on which you base your decision about ADHD, you are not making an educated and informed decision!

Developing an informed decision about the validity of ADHD/ADD, based on scientific evidence, will empower you. An opinion based on facts will hold up against an opinion based on gossip, your mother's denial of family problems, and your neighbor's experience of the misdiagnosis of her child, allowing you to be confident in your decision. With confidence, comes the empowerment needed to travel the ADHD journey in the most appropriate way for you and your family.


The process of forming your own opinion:


Once you have formed your own opinion visit my blog to read Choosing Your ADHD Doctor.