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ADD Coach Services
will develop a customized course on ADHD, specific to your individual needs!

Are you the parent of a young child with ADHD? I will design a course that answers your questions about the long term management, parenting and education of a young child with ADHD.

Are you the parent of a high school student with ADHD or ADD? I will design a course that incorporates what you need to know about ADHD/ADD and driving, dating, graduation, and preparing for college!

Are you a young adult with ADHD? I will design a course that will provide the information you need to become independent and find your place in the world.

Are you a woman with ADD? I will design a course to address whatever your needs are...from running your household, to being a working Mom, to managing your work environment, to better understanding yourself and how to master your ADD instead of letting it master you.

Are you a man with ADHD? I will design a course that incorporates what you need to know about about managing ADD on the job, in your relationships and within yourself.

Are you a couple affected by ADHD? I can design a course to help you put ADHD/ADD in its place within your relationship instead of giving it free reign to run your relationship into the ground!

Read what some clients say about their customized ADHD courses...

"When we were first faced with assimilating all there was to know about ADD, Regina prepared an individualized "Crash Course" in three separate comprehensive sections. This was so helpful and appreciated. Our son was a sophomore, time was of the essence, and we needed to move fast and effectively. This body of work armed us with relevant data and information that was crucial and needed in order to negotiate within the school system. We were able to advocate and promote for appropriate interventions that would assure a comfort level, and a successful experience."


"The ADD course you designed for my family is the single effort that stands far and above all previous attempts to wrap our heads around this condition. We could never find the words to explain it accurately to our son so that he could accept it as a small part of himself and still feel good about who he is. You did that. We could never find the words that opened up his teachers and coaches to understand him. You gave us those words. We didn't know how to explain him to family and friends, so we mostly didn't. Now, thanks to you, we have, and what a difference it has made! The education you provided us lifted a heavy veil, allowing us to see the light of day again. Thank you!"


" Regina, we want to thank you for the ADD course you created for us. We have been in marriage counselling for years, making very little progress. We had become increasingly frustrated and were really growing apart. I knew my husband is ADD and I had read all of the books and talked to his doctor about it. I truly believed I had a handle on it and there wasn't much more for me to understand. I couldn't have been more wrong! The information you provided expanded my understanding in ways I couldn't have imagined! It has caused me to totally change how I see, and respond, to my husband. While there is still plenty of room for improvement, we advanced more in our relationship due to the three hour course you created than we had in twelve years of therapy and marriage counselling. Thank you for giving us our lives, and relationship, back!"

Personalized crash courses in Attention Deficit Disorder are conducted via Zoom Video Chats. Courses can be geared toward the individual, a couple, or the whole family! You can even invite the grandparents and your best friend! Anyone who is important to you, is in your life on a regular basis, and who might benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of ADD, is welcome to participate.

 For more information and pricing please email  addcoach1@yahoo.com