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Prompt Signs:

Prompt Signs are small signs to place around your home,to help keep you focused and motivated on those things most important to you. Prompt signs are key implements in your ADD Coaching toolbox. Prompt signs are meant to be attention getting signs, for the purpose of reminding you to be more mindful, and intentional, as you move through your day. Make sure the sign stands out from the rest of your environment and doesn’t blend in, lost to you. Don’t post the sign on a cluttered refrigerator or bulletin board. If you do, it will fade into the background, going unnoticd and just add to the chaos.

Check out my catalog of FREE Prompt Signs here! Print the all black lettered Prompt Signs on bright neon paper. Print the colored lettered Prompt signs on white paper. Remember to post in several places!




Phone Communications Chart: Helps the caller organize information needed for a succesful phone call, beforehand.


Phone Anxiety Worksheet: Helps the caller prepare thoughts, questions, and other information needed for the phone call, before making the call.