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"I initially met Regina when I took my then 12 year-old son, diagnosed with ADHD, to her office in Hartford, Conn. We had been to countless other "professionals" and had been spinning the medication wheel for a very long time, with very little success. When Regina was handed the six-inch thick file, she asked why we thought she could make a difference in my son's life after so many others couldn't. We were recommended by a support group social worker, who said simply... "She's the best." And she is.

Regina exemplifies what a "perfect" coach should be...she possesses authentic life experience, outstanding clinical skills and knowledge, and a deeply intuitive sense of caring for every client she encounters. She has mastered the science and the art of coaching, and interacts with her clients with consistent focus, unconditional positive regard, respect, empathy and with a nonjudgmental, genuinely caring approach. I feel so blessed to have encountered Regina along my treacherous, frightening and frustrating journey of raising two sons with ADHD. She has taught me so much about how to be an effective parent/advocate for my sons and for myself. No matter what challenges we faced, she "walked the walk" with me and never, ever, ever gave up hope. This in turn, inspired me to be hopeful as well, and many positive changes occurred with my sons and with myself during our time with Regina. She was always there for us; her commitment is unwavering. At a time when my oldest son hit "rock bottom" she continued to believe in our ability to prevail and succeed - she provided logistical connections in terms of finding him the right environment to grow in, as well as ongoing emotional connection, providing our souls with nourishment. I can say, with absolute certainty, that without her intervention, our family would not have survived. She has commented that my son was one of the most "challenging" clients she had treated, but also one of the most exceptional; and one that she learned much from. We also have learned much from her, as her role expanded over the years from therapist to coach to mentor. So, if the cornerstone of the therapeutic relationship is "trust", then the" reciprocal interrelatedness" between us built a bond that continues after fifteen years. Although we are apart geographically, we are still connected in spirit. She has proven that she can relate effectively to children, teens and adults in an equally competent manner; and shares all that she can offer with grace and compassion. That balance of the " person and the professional" is the quintessential essence of Regina; she is totally engaged with each and every client during their work with her....and long after. Regina understands the power and sacredness of relationships in effecting positive changes for her clients.

I would like to share a quote she offered to me many years ago; one that continues to inspire me today as I face new challenges in my life. It was written by Henri T.M. Nouwen and reflects what I believe is the gift of Regina.

"Every human being has a great yet often unknown gift to care, to be compassionate, to become present to the other, to listen, to hear and to receive. If that gift would be set free - and made available, miracles could take place. "

And with Regina, they have."   Denise S.




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