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Prompt Signs
  • Choose one thing to focus on at a time when working to develop new habits for yourself or your family.

  • Put prompt signs for the family in shared family spaces.

  • Prompts unique to each child can go in the child's room, if related to what the child does in the room. 

  • Remember, focusing on one new habit at a time is more likely to lead to success. Once the child has developed the new habit, take the related prompt sign down and post a new prompt sign depicting the next new habit to develop. (hang up clothes, make bed, pick up toys, etc.) 

  • When using prompt signs for children:

  1.   in age appropriate language, explain why it is important for them to develop the particular habit healthy habit you want them to work on. (ie: Picking up toys will make it easier to find the toy when wanted, prevent injury from stepping on them and prevent breakage, helping them last longer.

  2.  explain if a toy breaks due to not taking care of it, it will not be replaced.

  3.  explain every time they put a toy away after using it, they will be rewarded with (sticker, star, poker chip) and for every 5 they earn they can "buy" a pre-determined-by-you age appropriate reward (decide on the rewards before talking to your children. Make a list so you remember exactly what you told them! Keep it to 5 options, so they have a choice each time. (a favorite snack, an extra book read at bedtime, 15 more mi nutes of play time, computer game time, etc.) To keep children engaged in the process, the reward option list can be subtracted from, and added to, each time the prompt changes and as they mature. 

  • Print several of the same prompts and post them in the areas of your home you frequent most often such as on the bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, bedroom closet door, near the T.V., etc.             

  • Stick to one prompt message at a time, to avoid overwhelming yourself or your child, and to concentrate focus on one issue at a time. This will give you and/or your child, the best chance to process and integrate the intended message, so you and/or your child, can truly OWN it!

  • Once you feel you have mastered the prompt, take the signs down and...

  • Replace them with new signs with a different prompt message focused on your next self-improvement challenge.

  • Don’t throw the old signs away!  See below for ways to preserve your prompt signs for re-use in case you backtrack. 


To Use Prompts:

  • Purchase a 3 ring binder and 3 ring clear plastic sleeves. Click on each photo to enlarge and read the prompt signs below. Pick your prompt sign, predetermine where you will post the prompts and print accordingly.

  • Once printed, put the prompts into the clear plastic sleeves and post. Using painters tape will preserve the surfaces where prompts are posted and make for quick & easy clean up.   

Ways to Display Prompts: You can use all types of frames, depending on where you decide the most prominent places are, where you will not be able to miss the signs.

  • Get some inexpensive picture frames, or repurpose old ones you no longer use, to display your prompts. 

  • Magnetic frames to post on appliances.

  • Table top frames to post in entranceway, (IE: take off your shoes), on a side table,  entertainment unit, etc.. If you already have framed photos in some highly visible eye-catching places, prompts can be posted on the glass of pictures you have through-out your home. 

Replace Prompts:

Once the new habit the prompt sign supported has taken hold, it's  time to take it down and replace with a new prompt sign supporting the next habit to develop. Take the original sign down, remove any tape used to post it, and store in binder or file folder labeled "PROMPTS". 

More Prompts Signs to Be Added Soon!