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“Regina has truly been a beacon of light for our family. Our youngest son Paul was diagnosed with ADD in his sophomore year of high school. We were completely overwhelmed, and while clearly knowing that the news could always be worse, initially we were devastated. We wanted to fiercely protect our son from pain of any kind.

 From day one, Regina has provided unwavering, support and encouragement. She gives genuine straightforward advice, workable interventions and well thought out strategies with humor, warmth, and calm. Regina has provided a context for our entire family in understanding ADD, and helped us come to see the blessings and rewards of an ADD perspective.

 On the practical side, Regina has been involved in the ADD world for thirty years, and possesses an expansive knowledge base about ADD, with all its intricacies as well as its subtle components. When we were first faced with assimilating all there was to know about ADD, Regina prepared an individualized "Crash Course" in three separate comprehensive sections. This was so helpful and appreciated. Paul was a sophomore, time was of the essence, and we needed to move fast and effectively. This body of work armed us with relevant data and information that was crucial and needed in order to negotiate within the school system. We were able to advocate and promote for appropriate interventions that would assure a comfort level, and a successful experience as defined by Paul and ourselves.

 Regina also prepared a full record review of our son's educational and psychological evaluations. This report was beautifully written, and offered concrete detailed explanations of what an individual is up against with ADD. This report afforded us with exceptional insight and we have used excerpts from this report for parent conferences.

Regina prescreened four of our five family members, as we came to find out that ADD could be a family affair. Without Regina's prescreening, we would not have known to see a psychiatrist for diagnostic evaluation. This process has been a rewarding experience, and has served to strengthen each one of us individually, and our family unit.

 There simply is not a way to convey the passion, the concern and vitality with which Regina approaches her work. She is hard to match. She is kind, exquisitely professional, beyond thorough and organized, and possesses a huge heart that fights for those whom have had the blessing and challenge of ADD. You simply will not find better! "     Pat S.


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