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"I wouldn't bother you telling you what happened when we left your house today but as long and drawn out as it was Nancy was just a wonder in progress!! I got off the Merritt in Bridgeport hoping to find a Wendy's or Burger King since I was starving - nothing so I got on 95 and hit a piece of axle in the middle lane which blew my tire. Called road service and found the small spare was not good enough to get home on - the rim was rotted from being stored under the vehicle. Road service put it on saying it was unsafe and directed me to Town Fair Tire.

They did me in saying I had to buy 4 tires instead of 1 because they didn't have the kind of tires that were on the van and with it being an all wheel drive all the tires have to match. I don't know if that's true or not, but the van now has 4 new tires and I only thought I was broke before - now I definitely am. BUT THE BEST OF IT ALL - Nancy was pleasant through the whole long drawn out thing even though it meant she was going to be late for work. As we got near home I told her I was sorry her whole day was wasted - she said "don't worry, it wasn't your fault" WOW!!!  She really isn't doing drugs - I knew that's what all that terrible nastiness was about. Nancy now is really herself - she talked none stop all day - it was great!!   Thank you with all my heart!  I can finally rest knowing all 3 of them are in good hands." K. L.


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